Chicken & Asparagus Penne

Here is a great recipe that I made last night for my husband and I.  I took and half the original recipe since it’s just the two of us.  I will add the original amounts of the ingredients in parenthesis if you are wanting to make this for more than a few people or just love leftovers.  We love this recipe because it is easy, healthy, and just its overall great taste! Read More »


Fall Table Centerpiece

As it has been changing from summer to fall I’ve been wanting to decorate my house some for the fall season.  When on Pinterest one day, I found and pinned a Thanksgiving table centerpiece from The Idea Room.  A few days later I saw the centerpiece I had on our dinning room table, which is one of the centerpieces from our wedding, and I realized that all I would really need to do to make my own version of this Thanksgiving centerpiece would be to buy a couple mini pumpkins and some berry garland.Read More »



One of my all time favorite apps that I have on my iPad is Paper By: FiftyThree, Inc. It is a great place to get all your ideas out and down on “paper” no matter if they are sketches, graphs, or just your everyday to do list.  I love to use this app to express myself and get my thoughts and ideas down in a different way than the traditional paper and pen.  Another plus is that this app is free (minus some possible in app purchases), so you might as well give it a chance!Read More »

Fresh Start


Welcome to my blog and my first post!  Well I guess not technically my first, since I had a blog before this one but I never really used it and so I decided tot start fresh.  I started C2: Creatively Courtney as a way to express myself in a different media than I have before.  I am hoping that this can become something were I can share with family, friends, and anyone else, what I am up to a little more in depth than a status update or Instagram photo.Read More »