Fresh Start


Welcome to my blog and my first post!  Well I guess not technically my first, since I had a blog before this one but I never really used it and so I decided tot start fresh.  I started C2: Creatively Courtney as a way to express myself in a different media than I have before.  I am hoping that this can become something were I can share with family, friends, and anyone else, what I am up to a little more in depth than a status update or Instagram photo.

So a little about myself.  My name is Courtney and I am organization freak, artist, new wifey, and much more.  I love to get involved from remodeling our house to painting a set to being in plays at our local playhouse.  We live in a small town in Nebraska were there’s a little of everything.  We might not have a mall or any restaurant you can think of but we are still mighty in our own way.  We are close enough to a big city that if we would want to we could go and shop or go laser tagging but we are still far enough away that we can still enjoy small town living.  There are those days that you wish you lived closer to everything but most days we are pretty happy with were we are at. (That’s what they invented Amazon for right?!)

Like I said with this blog I am hoping to share what I am up to with family and friends and anyone who with listen. (well, read)  What you’ll find on here is a little of a lot from our house remodels, DIY’s, artwork, about plays I’m in or directing, or just my ramblings.  Hopefully this will become a regular thing that at least a couple people but hopefully more are excited to read from week to week.  So welcome to the crazy ramblings that is my life!

❤ Courtney


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