One of my all time favorite apps that I have on my iPad is Paper By: FiftyThree, Inc. It is a great place to get all your ideas out and down on “paper” no matter if they are sketches, graphs, or just your everyday to do list.  I love to use this app to express myself and get my thoughts and ideas down in a different way than the traditional paper and pen.  Another plus is that this app is free (minus some possible in app purchases), so you might as well give it a chance!

Main Screen

When you first open the app it will bring you to the main screen where you can create a “space”.  This is where were all the magic will happen.  You can create many different spaces to fit your needs and add as many pages to them that you need.

   Think   BTools

Once you create a page, you’ll be able to start putting all you designs and ideas down on paper.  They have a variety of different tools to help you put what is in your head down on “paper”.


Diagram (Pen w/ruler) -Draw objects, straight lines, and connectors. A smart pen with style.

Fill (Paint Roller) -The fastest way to add a little color to any idea.

Cut (Scissors) -Cut it up, rearrange, make patterns, or just a little space.

Draw (Fountain Pen) -Draws from thick to think based upon your movement.

Sketch (Pencil) -Blends from light to dark for sketching scenes, objects, and ideas in rough form.

Outline (Marker) -Behaves most like a highlighter. While it will highlight on the ink layer, it’s opaque on the photo layer.

Write (Ink Pen) -Can be used to write messages and add captions on your ideas.

Color (Watercolor Brush) -You can lay down a light wash or rich color.

Erase (Eraser) -If you make a boo-boo or just don’t like something, you can remove it.

Other Tools:

Rewind -Hit the double arrows on the top of the tool bar to go back.

Zoom -If you are wanting to do some more detailed work you can place two fingers on the screen and pull  them apart to zoom in on the area you are wanting.

Mixer -You can also mix your own colors in the circle of color on the tool bar.

Also with the new updates you can now type text and add photos into your space that you can draw and type on.

To get out of your drawing and add another page, you simply take two fingers and squeeze them together and then hit the plus button at the bottom of the screen.

Paper Drawing

I love to use this app all the time from taking notes, to logo designs, to just sketching random things.  This is one of those apps that you’ll find yourself going to over and over again. Paper is a great app that I would recommend to anyone who is looking for a place to keep all their ideas and thoughts expressed in any format that they might be wanting.


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