Fall Table Centerpiece

As it has been changing from summer to fall I’ve been wanting to decorate my house some for the fall season.  When on Pinterest one day, I found and pinned a Thanksgiving table centerpiece from The Idea Room.  A few days later I saw the centerpiece I had on our dinning room table, which is one of the centerpieces from our wedding, and I realized that all I would really need to do to make my own version of this Thanksgiving centerpiece would be to buy a couple mini pumpkins and some berry garland.

Fall Table Centerpiece

The inspiration for the project.



  • Wooden box (you can build one to the size you want from a couple 1×4’s)
  • 3 mini pumpkins (real or fake)
  • Berry Garland
  • Spanish Moss
  • Floral Foam

PlanterBox 20150926_092132

First build, or in my case take the flowers out of, your wooden box.  We built ours out of some old wood (I think palette wood) that my father-in-law had in the back of his barn.  To build your own box, you could buy some pine 1×4’s or if you are on a tight budget, see if you can find some wood palettes, they are usually free, and use the wood from them.


Next I placed some floral foam in the bottom of the box to give it some lift without having to fill the whole thing with Spanish moss.  I already had the foam from making my wedding centerpieces but you can get floral foam from many different stores. (Walmart, Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, Amazon, etc)


After the foam was in place, I took the Spanish moss and placed it on top so you couldn’t see the foam.  This also helps to hide the ends of the berry garland, once placed in, that you don’t want to show.

Fall Centerpiece 1

Once I had the moss to my liking, I took the berry garland and placed it around the edges of the box and bent the limbs to where I was wanting them. (I got all the berry garland from Factory Direct Craft) As I was putting in the berry garland I found it was easiest to add the pumpkins in at the same time so that you can wrap the garland around them. My pumpkins are fake so that I continue to use the centerpiece for years to come and not have to buy new pumpkins every year or worry about them rotting. I found my three mini pumpkins at my local Walmart for a little less than a dollar each. (No candles, you may ask.  Well I’m not really a big candle person and knowing me I would probably catch my centerpiece/house on fire. Better safe than sorry.)

Fall Centerpiece 2

I love how it turned out and that I am able to keep using the centerpieces we built for our wedding in different ways throughout our house.  This centerpiece helps to bring that fall feel into our house with out being to overwhelming.  I’m planning on creating a Christmas version as well, which I will post in a couple of months once I have done so.

{UPDATE: Check out my Winter Table Centerpiece!}


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