Top 10 Favorite Halloween Movies: Horror Edition

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!  I hope that you are having an amazing Halloween filled with good laughs, scary  movies, and lots and lots of candy.  Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.  I just love everything that goes with it, watching scary movies, eating bags of candy, carving pumpkins, and trick-or-treating.  One of my favorite traditions, past carving pumpkins, is watching a scary movie on Halloween night.Read More »


Spicy Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Every year around Halloween one of my traditions is to carve pumpkins and then take the seeds and roast them.  This year I tried two new spicy pumpkin seed recipes.  They both turned out pretty well but I’d have to say that the spicy honey one’s are by far my favorite.  I just love the combo of the sweet goodness of the honey with the kick of the spices.Read More »

Wooden Candy Corn Decor

Whenever I get on Pinterest, I always find something that I would love to make and these adorable 2×4 Candy Corns were no different.  They are so simple and easy to make, that I couldn’t pass up adding  this cute decoration to my fall decor.  The inspiration and general directions came from the blog Clover House.  Below you’ll find how I made my own version of this decoration.  I hope that you’ll be inspired to make and add these whimsy Wooden Candy Corns to your fall decor as well.Read More »

The Adventures of a First Time Director: Blocking


What to say about blocking?!  It’s a lot harder than I would have thought, doesn’t always turn out the way you want, and sometimes looks like a crazy mess.   When I started to thinking about blocking Miracle on 34th Street: The Play, my mind would wonder onto something else and avoid it as much as possible.  Every time I thought about doing it, I would get nervous and scared.Read More »

Make MONEY while shopping online!


Ebates!  You heard me Ebates!  Ebates is a website that you can sign up for that will pay you for shopping at your favorite online retailers.  If you have an email, you can sign up for Ebates with just a couple strokes of the keyboard.Read More »

A Must Read Book for ALL Directors

Notes on Directing

I have officially started directing my first show!  To help prepare me for my directing debut, my dad gave me a book to read called Notes on Directing.  Now this book isn’t very long, so its a pretty easy read but basically it is a bunch of different short paragraphs about a various of topics that every director will need to know about.  Read More »

Headache Away

For my wedding, one of the gifts that my hubby and I received was some essential oils and diffuser from one of my bridesmaids.  I had never really thought much about using essential oils in my daily life but I figured that I would give it a go.  Since then I’m still not a avid user of them as some but when I am feeling stressed or feel a cold coming on, I will diffuse a blend of oils to help me to relax and feel better. Read More »

The Adventures of a First Time Director: Auditions

The directors (US) on the first night of auditions!

Wow what a crazy blur the past couple of days have been.  This week my co-director, Emily, (of THOROUGHLYEMILY) and I started on our adventure of being first time directors.  We couldn’t have asked for a better introduction into the directing world than we got.  All of our hard work promoting our auditions for the past couple of weeks paid off and we had a total of 46 adults and children tryout for our show, Miracle on 34th Street: The Play.  We were both so blown away having so many amazing people tryout for us and are so blessed that they took a chance on us newbie directors.Read More »

Top 10 Favorite Halloween Movies -Family Edition

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays since I was younger.  When I was growing up my brother and I would always get dressed up, my dad would do our makeup (he’s a theatre professor), and we’d go out trick or treating in our neighborhood.  But another part of Halloween that I love, past trick or treating, is all the movies that go along with the season. Read More »