Headache Away

For my wedding, one of the gifts that my hubby and I received was some essential oils and diffuser from one of my bridesmaids.  I had never really thought much about using essential oils in my daily life but I figured that I would give it a go.  Since then I’m still not a avid user of them as some but when I am feeling stressed or feel a cold coming on, I will diffuse a blend of oils to help me to relax and feel better.  As I’ve researched to learn more about different blends and what each oil can do, I learned that you can also dilute the oils in different carrier oils to use them in different ways.  So when I saw a recipe to make a roller bottle that helps with headaches, I decided that I needed to try it out.  I can’t say if it one hundred percent works but it seems help lessen the pain of the headache and help it to go away sooner.

Headache Away Recipe 

Headache Away Supplies


  • Fractured Coconut Oil
  • Lemon Oil
  • Eucalyptus Oil
  • Peppermint Oil
  • Lavender Oil
  • Small Funnel (helpful but not necessary)
  • Empty Roller Bottle (I got mine on Amazon)



Take your roller bottle and if the roller part is in the bottle, pop it out so that you can add the ingredients.  Add 10 drops of each essential oil (Lemon, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, & Lavender) into the bottle. (I didn’t use the funnel for this part.)  Once you have added your oils, then funnel in the fractured coconut oil to fill the rest of the bottle.  Note:  From my research it was recommended to use a dark colored glass apposed to buying the clear bottles to help the shelve life of the mixture.  Once you add the essential oils to the carrier oil they taken on the expiration date of the carrier oil.

Headache Away Finished

Place the roller ball piece back into the bottle and make sure that it is all the way in.  Screw on the lid and slowly tilt the bottle back and forth to mix the oils together.  Add a label, I cut down a file label and wrote on it, so you know what it is and enjoy.  To use, roll onto pulse points when needed.  I like to roll it on my temples, jawline, and depending on my headache, on the back of my head at my hairline.  I love that it helps to sooth my headaches without me always having to take Advil plus it smells great!

*Disclaimer:  I am in no way an expert at essential oils and can not guarantee results.  These are just recipes that I have come up with by looking at what others have done and researching what oils are good for what.  Also as you might have noticed I do not have one brand that I am loyal too.  I am open to trying all brands of essential oils.


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