Make MONEY while shopping online!


Ebates!  You heard me Ebates!  Ebates is a website that you can sign up for that will pay you for shopping at your favorite online retailers.  If you have an email, you can sign up for Ebates with just a couple strokes of the keyboard.  They’ll even give you a $10 gift card, after your first $25 purchase at a qualifying online retailer, for signing up. I’ve been using Ebates for a little over six months now and have earned almost $100 in cash back for just merely shopping online.  I love Ebates and wanted to share that love with all of you, specially with Christmas season getting closer!

To sign up for you Ebates, you can click on the following link:  Once there, click sign up, fill in your information and BAM, you are ready to start earning cash back. Its that easy to get started earning money for spending money.

Ebates is very simple to use, just make sure to go to the Ebates website at the start of every online shopping trip and type the retailer that you are wanting to shop at in the search bar at the top.  If that store is part of the cash back program, you’ll be able to click on the Shop Now button and it’ll take you to that store’s website, were you can get starting shopping and making money at the same time.

A great feature for those Chrome users out there, is the Ebates button that you can install on your brower.  I personally use the button so I don’t have to remember to go to Ebates website every time. The button will light up anytime you are on a website that you can earn cash back with, so you are always aware when you could be earning cash back.  While shopping, all you have to do is, before you check out, go over to the Ebates button, click it and click Activate Cash Back.  This will make sure that the Ebates websites records your shopping trip and that you get your cash back.

Ebates is a great website that I believe all online shoppers should use.  Who doesn’t like to get money back when spending money.  I hope that you start to find a love for this amazing website as I a have. Now go to Ebates website and sign up now and so you get on your way to earning extra spending cash!

*Note: This is not a sponsored post.  They are not giving me anything for posting this review.  The review above it my personal feelings on Ebates.


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