Wooden Pumpkin Decor

Another fall decor project I found on Pinterest and created, was this adorable wooden pumpkin.  The inspiration, again, came from Clover House.  I loved how simple it was to make and that it goes along with the candy corns I made.  Below are the instructions on how I made this cute 2×4 pumpkin.  I hope that you are inspired to make your own pumpkin to decorate your house with this fall season.

Wooden Pumpkin Decor

Pumpkin Inspiration
My Inspiration

2x4 Pumpkin Supplies


  • 4 -2×4’s measuring 2 at 6″ & 2 at 7″
  • 1 -2 1/2″ tall by 1″ square
  • Raffia Ribbon
  • Orange Paint
  • Brown Paint
  • Maroon Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Glue Gun

Pumpkin Sanding

To start out with I measured and cut all four pieces of my 2×4’s.  After all four pieces were cut, I took and sanded all the edges down and rounded them a bit.

Pumpkin PiecesPaint your pumpkin pieces.

Once all the pieces were sanded, I took some orange paint and painted them all orange.  Then to get the color I wanted for painting the stem, I took some brown and maroon paint and mixed them  together until I had the color I was looking for. After all the pieces were painted and dry, I took and sanded them with my palm sander to give them more of a rustic look.

2x4 Pumpkin All Glued Together

To assemble my pumpkin I glued the two 7″ piece together so that all the edges were flush with each other.  Then I glued the two 6″ pieces on, one on each side, and left half a inch on the bottom and top so that they were centered on 7″ pieces. To attached the steam, I just put a little bit of hot glue where I wanted it to be and held the steam there until the glue was dry.  To give my pumpkin more of a unified look with my candy corns, I took some raffia and tied a bow around the steam.

2x4 Pumpkin Finished

I love how simple and easy this pumpkin was to make.  I also love that it looks great and gives our house a another touch of fall without being overdone.  Who knows, maybe next year I’ll make myself a little pumpkin patch!


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