Monogrammed Pumpkin Door Decor

I finally finished my monogrammed pumpkin door decor just in time for hosting Thanksgiving at our house.  I had originally started this project back in October but due to directing and all the other things we had going on, it took awhile to finish.  But it is done and it turned out great!  I can’t wait to hang it up again next year for all of October and November.

Below you’ll find the directions to how I made this monogrammed pumpkin door hanger.  It was fairly simple once I got my pumpkin drawn and my hubby cut it out for me.  I found the inspiration for this piece when I was looking on Pinterest (surprise, surprise).  The couple that I found on Pinterest were pinned from a few different Etsy shops.  So found a couple that I liked and put them together to create my own.  I think all together it cost around $10 to make this project that I’ll be able to hang on our door for years to come.

Monogrammed Pumpkin Door Decor

Door Pumpkin -Supplies


-Orange, white, brown, and blue paint. (or color of choice for stripes and letter)

-Wired Burlap Ribbon

-21″x21″ 1/4″ Mahogany board

-Jig Saw


-Hot Glue Gun (or super glue)

Door Pumpkin Drawing

First my hubby bought me a piece of 1/4″ Mahogany sized at around 21″x21″.  Which then I drew the my pumpkin out, which came out for be about 19″ wide by 17″ tall.


Then my hubby took and cut my pumpkin out for me with his jigg saw.  After it was cut out, I took our little palm sander and sanded the edges and faces.

Steam Painted

Once sanded, it was time to paint.  First I painted the brown steam on.  After it was dry, I took some painters tape and taped off the steam, so that when I painted on the orange, it wouldn’t get on the brown and I would have a straight edge.  Then I painted on the orange. (Sorry forgot to take a picture of this)

Door Pumpkin -Painting stripes 2

Next I took my handy dandy chevron stencil (I got it in the paint section at Walmart) and painted on my white chevron stripes.  To make them thicker, I painted two of the stencil stripes right beside each other.

Door Pumpkin -Painting the K

Then I took and painted the K blue but you could paint it whatever color you like.  I just really like this color of blue and it ended up looking really nice with the orange I picked for the pumpkin.

Door Pumpkin -Glued

After all the paint of dry, I peeled up the painters tape from the steam and took my palm sander to it again and ruffed it up a bit to give it a more rustic look.

Once I was done sanding it a bit, my pumpkin was all ready to have the K glued on.  All I did to glue it on was to take my glue gun, put some glue on the back, and stick it on.

Door Pumpkin -Finished

To finish my pumpkin up, I made bow out of some burlap ribbon (wired) and glued it on.  Then I drilled a hole in the steam and used some twine to create the hanger.

Door Pumpkin -All Finished         Door Pumpkin -All Finished 2

Overall I’d have to say I’m pretty happy with how it turned out!  I just love how cute it is and that it dresses up our front door for two holidays!

Let me know what you think or if you have any questions on how to make your own pumpkin for your front door on your house! Happy Crafting!


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