Adventures of a First Time Director: Break-a-Leg

Wow, I can’t believe the night is finally here!  Tonight is opening night for my show “Miracle on 34th Street: The Play” and boy am I ready for it to be here.  It has been a crazy ride, being a first time director, with it’s ups and downs but it’s time that we finally are able to show everyone all the hard work the cast, crew, and Emily and I, have been putting into our show.

I’m so excited for people to finally see what I’ve been doing for the past two months but also very nervous and scared that people aren’t going to like it or think that it was just okay.  Our cast has done an amazing job and  I hope everyone will be able to see that.  Are there things that could still be fixed?  Yes, but the same could be said for pretty much any show.

Another exciting bit of news, is that we have sold out all four of our performances.  That’s right, there are no more seats available to see our show.  Its such a great feeling knowing that there are that many people that want to see your show and also that are people on a waiting list hoping to get a call that a ticket has opened up so they can come.

I just want to tell our cast, of 29, to break-a-leg, you’ll be amazing and the audience is going to love you.  Show them what you’ve got and all the hard work that you’ve put into the show.  They are all there for you because they want to support you and see what you can do! So BREAK-A-LEG!


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