Top 10 Ways to Display your Christmas Cards this Year

Last month I started looking for a way to display our Christmas cards, that will be coming (hopefully) in the mail this month.  The refrigerator is a tired and true place to display cards you get in the mail but I wanted something that would put them more on display and wouldn’t clutter up the front of our refrigerator.  So I, again, went to Pinterest to find some inspiration to create a Christmas card holder.  Below the top 10 Christmas card displays I found as inspiration for creating my own.

Top 10 Ways to Display your Christmas Cards this Year

1. Shanty2Chic Christmas Card Holder
Here’s one of my favorites from Shanty 2 Chic (who doesn’t love these gals) and all you need is a couple 1×4’s.


2 Superflouus Clothspin Wreath
This one would be fairly simple to create and could be hung pretty much anywhere.


3 Ribbion on the Door
Here’s a great idea that wouldn’t cost a lot and just uses your kitchen cabinets!
3.1 Ribbion on the Door
Another version of the kitchen cabinet display, would be to use a door in your house.












4 Shutters
Have some old shutters lying around your house, put some paint on them and you’ll have a great card display.



5 1x8 Holders
I love how simple this one is to make. All you need a 1×12 and some clothes pins.


6 Door Garland
This one is cute, specially if you have a great arch in your house and all you need is some garland.


7 Christmas-Holiday-Card-Display-tutorial-LollyJane
Here are two different version of these cute chicken wire Christmas card holders.

7 Christmas-Holiday-Card-Display



8.1 pallet-wood-christmas-card-tree-making-it-in-the-mountains
Another one of my favorites that I found is this cute rustic Christmas card tree that you could make out of pallet, which you can usually get for free!



Have an old window or picture frame sitting around your house.  Use it to make one these stylish Christmas card holders.

9 Framed-Christmas-Card-Display


10 Wire-Hanger-Card-Holder
Here’s a different take on a Christmas card holder.  I love how unique and inventive this one is.


I hope you were able to find some inspiration here to create your own unique Christmas card holder.  How do you display your Christmas cards? I’d love to know! Be looking for the one I decided to create and how I did it!





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