Christmas Card Display

As stated in my blog last week, Top 10 Ways to Display your Christmas Cards this Year, I had plans to build one of the Christmas card displays for my home.  Well here it is!  The one that really caught my eye and that I knew I just needed in my home, was the Christmas Card Display from Shanty 2 Chic.  Now I only took the basic concept that they had and built it my own way along with different decor.  I’m really happy without how it turned out and hope that you’ll be inspired to make your own version of this great card display.

Christmas Card Display


-4: 1×4’s cut at 3′

-Wood Glue

-Wood Stain

-Wired Burlap Ribbon (or whatever type of decoration you want)



-Washi Tape (or paint)


First my I cut my 1x4x12 down to four pieces measuring at 3′ each.  Then I took my wood glue (I’m slowly learning the power of wood glue) and glued all my boards together.  To make sure that they stayed together while drying, I took my hubby’s bar clamps and clamped them together.

Card Holder #4

Once the glue was fully dry, I sanded down edges to soften them up so that there were no hard corners.  Then I took some stain (English Chestnut) and stained both sides of the boards.  Once the stain was dry, I took a wipe on poly and put it on to help seal the the finish.

Card Holder #6Card Holder #7

To give the clothespins a little more piazza, I took some silver washi tape and put it on the fronts of the clothespins.

Card Holder #5Card Holder #8

After the poly was dry, I took my twine and wrapped it around the boards whatever which way.  I made sure make to keep it as tight as possible, so that when I clip cards onto it, they’ll stay put.

Card Holder #9

Once the twin was securely around the boards, I super glued my bow onto the display.  (Here’s how I created my burlap bow.) Now you could use anything from a fake poinsettia flower to jingle bells.  I wanted something that was a little more neutral since I plan on using it for more than just to display Christmas cards.

Card Holder #10

Here is the finished project!  I think it turned out great.  I love that it can be used year round, displays our Christmas cards for all to see, and helps to declutter our fridge of all of the cards.


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