Christmas Traditions

I love having traditions for all holidays but some of my favorite ones are at Christmas time.  I’m so excited to be starting some news ones and sharing some old ones of with my hubby this year!  What are your Christmas traditions?  I’d love to hear them!

C2Kinnison Family Traditions 

Christmas Card

1.Christmas Card  -Whether you are married, have kids, or are single, sending out a Christmas card to family and friends, is always a great way to let them know you are thinking about them this Christmas season.  I just love how ours turned out this year. (If you’re wondering, I use to create all my Christmas cards)


Christmas Ornament

2. Special Ornament  -This is a new but old tradition for my family.  My side of the family has always put a new Hallmark ornament in our stockings every year.  This year I decided to put a new twist on my families tradition and created a photo ornament with my favorite wedding photo on it. Then I added the words “Our First Christmas 2015”, so we’ll always remember our first Christmas together as husband and wife! We are going to create a photo ornament every year with a photo of just us or something big that happened in the year so we can always look back at the years past and remember . I’m so excited to do this every year and see how we grow and change.


3.  Christmas Movies  -Every Christmas I have my must watch Christmas movies.  I love to watch these while we are putting up the tree(s) and wrapping presents.  Here is a list of my Top 10 Favorites!


Christmas Tree

4. Christmas Tree  -I always look forward to putting up our Christmas tree.  Usually we put it up a day or so after Thanksgiving but this year it got up a little later than usual due to the play and having family over.  I even put up my old smaller apartment Christmas tree in our room to add a little extra Christmas cheer to our home.

Sugar Cookies

5. Christmas Sugar Cookies -I love to bake sugar cookies, specially at Christmas time.  I have such a great time making them, cutting them out with one of my many cookie cutters (Thanks mom and dad), and decorating them with frosting and sprinkles. They are just so good and are great to take to a holiday party or they make great gifts.  Here’s my recipe for Sugar Cookies!


6. Stockings -In my family stockings are big deal.  My parents always go buy the stuff for ours but for my parents stockings, we having started going on Christmas Eve, at the mall in Colorado, and my brother and hubby go with my mom to get stuff for my dad’s stocking and I and my future sister-in-law go with my dad to get stuff for my mom’s stocking.  It’s fun to walk around the mall, trying not to run into the other group and seeing what cool, different little things we can find to put in their stockings.


7. Christmas Present Game -One tradition on my hubby’s side of the family is play a game to be able to open up your Christmas presents. Christmas is an all day deal for them; they get up early in the morning, have breakfast, open stockings, and then the festivities really start.  Every year Christmas is hosted at a different family members house and whoever’s house it is at, is in charge of coming up with the game for the year.  The game could be anything from something to do with dice to cards to putting numbers on the tops of all your packages.  Then when you win whatever the game is for that year, you go to the giant Christmas present pile and pick one.  Now you don’t know who’s Christmas present you are getting since you put all the name tags on the bottom of the presents.  If you get one of yours you get to keep it but if you get someone else you don’t tell them and at some point in the game you’ll pass, steal, or something to that effect to try to get your presents.  Slowly throughout the day you’ll get to open up your presents.  By the end of the day, the game usually gets sped up and everyone just goes around in a circle and opens one of there’s at a time.


8. Christmas Paper  -Another Kinnison family tradition is keeping the usable wrapping paper from the year before and using it to wrap the next years Christmas paper.  At first I wasn’t so sure about this but it’s kind of fun. Specially with playing the game, because after a while, with everyone having everyone’s Christmas wrapping paper it gets harder to know who the gifts are from and who are they for, therefore making the game harder and more fun.


9. Handmade Gifts  -Something that I try to do every year for one of the Christmas presents that I give people is making something handmade.  I’ve been doing this since I was in grade school for all my friends.  Now I do it for my family.  I’ve made sharpie cups (learned a few things with this one, like it doesn’t work if you are using stoneware mugs), etched drinking glasses, photo calendars, ext.  I would tell you what I made this year but I don’t want to spoil the surprise for those who are receiving them.  I’ll post what I made and how you can to after Christmas.

10. Spending Time with Family -This is probably one of my favorite parts of Christmas is getting to spend time with my family.  Getting to see everyone and talk and laugh with them.  Since we live at least 6 hours away from most of our family, this is one of the times of the year that we get to see a lot of them and get to catch up with what’s been going on in their lives.  It works out great for my hubby and I since both sides of our families are from Colorado, so we can see a lot of our family within one trip, which we love!

I hope you have enjoyed hearing what some of what both of my families Christmas traditions are. No matter what your Christmas traditions are, as long as you are spending it with the ones you love and creating memories that’s all the really matters.  Hope you having an amazing Christmas with your families and friends, I know we sure will!


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