Ribbon Storage

Do you have lots of different ribbons from various projects you have done just piling up? Well I sure did and when I got my new craft drawers, my ribbon took up a whole drawer with no room for growth. Read More »


DIY Rustic Picture Frame

I love making gifts for my family and friends, specially for Christmas. Read More »


How to Make a Burlap Bow

Always seeing all those cute craft projects with burlap bows but think there’s no way you could make your own?  Well don’t worry, here is a simple way to make all those cute burlap bows so you to can have amazing looking projects.Read More »


Resolutions for 2016

After reading many of my friends blogs and others, on what their resolutions for 2016 were going to be, I thought I would create a list of my own and share it with you.  When creating this list, I tried to keep in mind to make resolutions that I could keep and not make ones that, even if its something I want to happen (like travel to Europe), I knew for sure I could most likely keep.Read More »

Winter Table Centerpiece

In the fall I shared with you my Fall Table Centerpiece and mentioned that I was planning on changing it in to December into a Christmas/Winter themed centerpiece using the same bones as the one for fall.  It was fairly simple to create and didn’t take much time at all since I already the had bones of it ready to go.Read More »

Crispy Baked Chicken

Here is one of my hubby’s favorite recipes to make us for dinner.  Its easy, taste good, and fairly quick to make. I hope your family will enjoy it as much as we do!Read More »

Etched Popcorn Jar

Every year for Christmas I usually try to hand make a present or two for everyone in my family and this year was no different.  One of the gifts that I handmade, was this Etched Popcorn Jar.  Its fairly simple to create, doesn’t take a lot of time, and won’t cost you a lot.Read More »