Etched Popcorn Jar

Every year for Christmas I usually try to hand make a present or two for everyone in my family and this year was no different.  One of the gifts that I handmade, was this Etched Popcorn Jar.  Its fairly simple to create, doesn’t take a lot of time, and won’t cost you a lot.

For our wedding this past summer, we made favors that had popcorn kernels in them.  So when we ended up with more popcorn than we could ever use, we knew that our Grandma and Grandpa Kinnison would love to have some. So instead of just giving them a giant bag of popcorn, I thought they would love a custom jar to keep it in.

Here’s how I created this cute jar that they’ll be able to keep filling with popcorn, once what is already in there, is gone.

Etched Popcorn Jar

Popcorn Jar Supplies


-Glass Jar

-Armour Etch (this is the solution that will etch the glass)

-Contact Paper

-Exact-O Knife

-Paint Brush


First take your piece of contact paper and draw the design you are wanting to etch onto your jar.  Once you are happy with your design, take your Exact-O Knife and cut your design out. (Tip: Make sure that when you are cutting out the P’s and O’s, that you keep the centers.  You’ll need them to stick to the jar as well, so that those openings don’t get etched)

After you have cut your design out, slowly peel off the back of the contact paper and stick it on your jar were you are wanting the design to be at.

Popcorn Jar Etching Cream

Next take your etching cream and put a generous amount on your design and leave it on for the amount of the time that your cream tells you.

Popcorn Jar Finished minus corn

After it has been on there for the set amount of time, wash it off.  Then take off the contact paper and see your finished project!

Popcorn Jar Finished

Now that you are finished etching your  jar , finish it off by filling  it with popcorn kernels or with whatever you were making this jar for.  (Sadly I found out that it got a lot harder to see my design after the kernels were added)

Whoever you are giving this gift to will love how much time and thought you put into it and the yummy treats inside.


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