Winter Table Centerpiece

In the fall I shared with you my Fall Table Centerpiece and mentioned that I was planning on changing it in to December into a Christmas/Winter themed centerpiece using the same bones as the one for fall.  It was fairly simple to create and didn’t take much time at all since I already the had bones of it ready to go.

Winter Table Centerpiece

Winter Table Centerpiece -Supplies


  • Wooden Box from Fall Centerpiece. (Click here to see how I made my one for Fall)
  • 3 Medium Sized Christmas Ornaments. (You can pick any color or a variety of colors.  I picked blue because I love it and also it end up working for January as well)
  • Berry Garland (I used silver (Hobby Lobby), red, and white. (Factory Direct Craft))


Winter Table Centerpiece -Finished 3

The directions for this wintery centerpiece are fairly simple.  Basically all I did was take out the berry garland and the pumpkins from my Fall centerpiece.  Then I put the red and white berry garland back in and replaced the orange berry garland for some silver.  Once the berry garland was in place, I took my three medium sized Christmas ornaments and arranged them inside the box with the berry garland surrounding them.  After that I place it on my table on top of my new wintery table runner (Target) and like magic my Fall Table Centerpiece has changed into a Winter Table Centerpiece.

Winter Table Centerpiece -Finished 2Winter Table Centerpiece -Finished 1




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