Resolutions for 2016

After reading many of my friends blogs and others, on what their resolutions for 2016 were going to be, I thought I would create a list of my own and share it with you.  When creating this list, I tried to keep in mind to make resolutions that I could keep and not make ones that, even if its something I want to happen (like travel to Europe), I knew for sure I could most likely keep.  All to often we make those resolutions that we can’t actually complete and then we feel bummed out when we don’t reach them.  If we make resolutions that we can reach, it’ll help us to reach those harder resolutions. “Slow and stead wins the race.” My hope is by sharing my resolutions with all of you on my blog, that it’ll help me to stay more accountable with obtaining them and not slack to much!


1.Read the Bible -This year my hubby and I want to make sure to read the bible more and in the process hopefully get closer to each other and God.  To do this we have made it our goal to read a chapter every night.  I can tell you that we already haven’t keep up fully with doing this yet but when we have time, we make up the chapters we have missed.  We aren’t following any certain plan or anything, just starting at the beginning and reading it from front to back.

2. Keep Our House Clean -I haven’t done this best at this to start off the year but just this past week my hubby and I took one day out of our busy schedule and cleaned up pretty much every room in the house.  Now there are still some areas we are working on but we got the house pretty much clean and it feels great.  My friend, Morgan, turned me on to a Instagramer and blogger; CLEANMAMA (follow her if you don’t).  She post a picture everyday telling you a different task to tackle for the day so that you aren’t having to take on the whole house all at once, just 15-3o minutes.  I plan on trying my best to do the posted task of the day, so that I can keep up with our cleaning and not get to the point we were at till this past weekend.



3. Stay Healthy -Now I am realistic on this one and know saying that I am going to magically start exercising 3-5 days a week wouldn’t happen.  So I’m planning on doing this in a couple different ways.  H20: Making sure that I am drinking my recommended 64 oz of water everyday or more. (Good thing I love water and that’s pretty much what I drink anyways.)  Fruits & Veggies: Making sure that we are eating these with every dinner.  Steps: Working to get more steps everyday even though I have a desk job.  I’ve started to try and be more aware of not taking the shorter route and do more things to get my steps.  Some of the things I’ve started doing is using the up stairs bathroom in my building, taking the mail to the mail-room instead of having my work-study do it, and just over all not taking the shorter routes. Sleep: Just making sure that I am getting to bed on time and getting those 7-9 hours of sleep a night that I need to function well the next day.  Fitbit: Something that has been helping me to keep track a lot of everything is my Fitbit that I got for Christmas this year.  It helps me to be more mindful of how active I am being, how much water I am drinking, number of hours of sleep I am getting, and I can even log what food I am eating if I would choose.  What’s also great about it, is that my hubby also has one and we are able to keep tabs on each other and help keep each other accountable.


4. Have a Garden -This last year we weren’t really able to have a garden due to the wedding and my not living at our house yet.  Now that we have a summer that shouldn’t be quite as busy as last year, I plan on getting this gardening thing down and perfecting how to best grow the veggies we are wanting to plant. (I plan to keep you up dated on my gardening adventures and some tips I already know and learn along the way.)

5. Play Tennis at least once a week –My hubby and I love to play tennis but this last summer, again due to our wedding, didn’t find much time to do so.  So this summer we are wanting to try to stay active and play at least once a week, if not more.


6. Go on at least one Hiking/Camping Trip -Another thing that my hubby and I love to do is to go camping in the mountains (or anywhere to be truthful) and hiking.  We went two summers ago and had so much fun.  I hope to go at least once this summer, if not more.  Maybe possibly even see if we can get some friends to go with us!

7. Decorate the House  -Sadly we haven’t really gotten up any pictures on our walls yet.  In the six months that we have been married, we haven’t had time to put up pictures or really decorate the house.  When we got home from our honeymoon, we slowly unpacked me and then soon after that I started directing “Miracle on 34th Street: The Play”, which pretty much has taken us to now.  So I plan, now that our house is pretty much clean, to get every put up.  This way our house can, for the most part, be officially done.

8. Draw & Paint More -I’ve been crafting a lot more lately, which had been great and I love doing, but I want to do something that isn’t found on Pinterest.  I want to paint another painting and just sketch/doodle.  Also I plan on coloring in my new adult coloring books more, it so relaxing.  Hopefully I can find time to make this happen at sometime this year!

9. Read More -I love to read and use to do so all the time but once I got into college it slowed way down to pretty much many be a book in the summer.  Now that I am out of college, I may read a book or so a year but I would really like to increase that number.  I have so many books that I own that need read and many more that I want to read.  I’ve already started this and am half way through a book but I need to start committing more time to this love of mine and hopefully read more than one book this year!

I hope that this list will help you to want to create your own and work hard to keep them.  Make sure to make resolutions that are attainable so that you can keep them and feel great when you do.  I will do my best to keep you up to date on how I am doing at keeping up with my resolutions this year, 2016!


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