How to Make a Burlap Bow

Always seeing all those cute craft projects with burlap bows but think there’s no way you could make your own?  Well don’t worry, here is a simple way to make all those cute burlap bows so you to can have amazing looking projects.

I learned how to create these bows from Shanty-2-Chic and thought I’d share the process I went through when creating them myself.  (Note: I found that printed burlap is a lot harder to use than solid colored since the print is only on one side but not impossible.)

Burlap Bow  9

How to Make a Burlap Bow

Burlap Bow 1

1. First take your burlap ribbon (mine is wired but it’ll work with non-wired as well) and cut two pieces at 16″ each.

Burlap Bow 4

2. Then to create the tails, fold the ribbon from the middle over. (See the above picture)  If you are using a pattern ribbon, you’ll need to fold it a little differently so that the pattern stays on top.  (Its hard to explain but I kind folded the ribbon over and then folded it back over so the print was on top.)

Burlap Bow  10

3. To create the top of the bow, first you’ll need to fold each end of the ribbon so that they meet in the middle and hot glue them down. (See above picture)


4. Once you have done this pinch the ribbon in the middle (Shown above) and hot glue the pinch so that it stays together.

Burlap Bow 6

5. Glue the top piece to the top of the tails.

Burlap Bow 3

7.  To create the middle knot, cut a piece of the burlap ribbon 5″ long and then cut off the wire. (If using wired ribbon.)

Burlap Bow 5

8. Fold the ribbon in half and tie a knot in the center.

Burlap Bow 7

9. Next take the bow and glue the knot to the center of the bow.  Then take the ends and wrap them to the back and glue them down.


10.  Once you have completed this, fluff up your bow, cut the ends of the tails, (To do this I always fold the ribbon in half and cut from the bottom corner to the fold at an angle) and you have successfully created a burlap bow for you next crafting project.

Note: I haven’t tried this method yet with other types of ribbon but I would think that it would work just as well with them as well.  I sure hope so, the bows all turn out so nice this way.

I hope that now that you have learn this quick and easy way to create a burlap bow, you’ll not be scared away by the thought them but attack it them with confidence in knowing that they are a snap to create.


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