DIY Rustic Picture Frame

I love making gifts for my family and friends, specially for Christmas.  This year I made an Etched Popcorn Jar for our grandma and grandpa Kinnison and for all the female’s on both sides, I made these cute rustic picture frames that I clipped in a picture of my hubby and I from our wedding this past summer.  I can tell you that they all loved them!  Now I can’t claim full rights to how to make this frame due to that I found this project on the Shanty-2-Chic (You really need to check them out if you’ve never have!) website but here’s how I put them together!

Rustic Picture Frame 8
Picture taken by my amazing cousin!                  (Marie Guagliardo Photography)

DIY Rustic Picture Frame


  • 1 -1 x 12 x 7 (This is enough wood to make 11 of these frames)
  • 1 -1 x 3 x 6 (We actually had enough scrap laying around our shop to cover these)
  • Burlap Ribbon
  • Metal Clips (I found mine at Hobby Lobby in the scrapbook section)
  • Brad Nailer or Finishing Nails (We ended up using finishing nails due to our air hose having a hole & not having time time to go get a new one)
  • Supper Glue
  • Wood Stain


Rustic Picture Frame 1
You’ll also see here a sneak peek of another project I’ll share with you at a later date!

1. Cut out all of the pieces that you’ll be needing.  My frames are made for a 5×7 picture, so you’ll need to cut the 1×12’s at 8″ and the 1×3’s at 7″.

2. Next take and sanded down all the rough edges and round the corners.

3. After all the pieces have been sanded, take your favorite stain color and stain the fronts and backs of your pieces.

Rustic Picture Frame 4

4. Once you are done and the stain has dried, it is time to attach the stand to the frame.  To do this place the 1×3 on the back of the frame with about 1/2″ on each side and bottom.  Then take your brad nailer or finishing nails and put them in through the front to attach the frame to the stand.

5. Next make your burlap bow (Check out my post on How to Make a Burlap Bow) and attach it to the top of the frame with super glue.  To make sure the super glue took hold, I clamped the bow down to the frame. (I used a Irwin quick clamp to do this)  Next take your mini metal clip and put a little super glue on the back.  Hold it in place for a minute or so. Let them dry over night.

Rustic Picture Frame 7

6. Once the glue is fully dry, clip in your favorite photo to your frame and set it in place.

I love this frame and how great it turned out.  It looks so great and also makes one of our favorite wedding photos a centerpiece in our home.  I also love that you can use it to hold more than just photos.  Some other ideas that you can use this frame for would your favorite quotes, recipes, notes, and more.


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