Ribbon Storage

Do you have lots of different ribbons from various projects you have done just piling up? Well I sure did and when I got my new craft drawers, my ribbon took up a whole drawer with no room for growth.  So I took to Pinterest to see what others had done to combat this issue.  After looking at many different solutions, I came up with the following way to taken all my ribbons from one large drawer to a 6″ x 9″ drawer organizer tray.

Ribbon Storage -Supplies


  • Clear Drawer Organizer (I got mine from WalMart but I also love the ones from the Container Store)
  • Rubber Bands (You might want to use those little plastic hair ties instead, I had some issues with these being to big)
  • 1/2″ Circle Punch
  • Heavy Duty Card-stock (Other options: Form Core or Matt-board; If only I lived closer to a Hobby Lobby)
  • Lots of Ribbon


A week or so ago I got this amazing set of drawers, similar to the Ikea Alex drawers. I got it from Walmart but you can also find them at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and Amazon.  It is called the Halifax 7-Drawer Cabinet and it cost around $100 but with gift cards and cash back I was able to get it for around $80.  When putting my ribbon in its drawer, I found that it was taking a whole drawer, so I decided to find a new method of storing my ribbon.


To start my new ribbon organization, I create some cards for my ribbon to be wrapped on.  To do this I took some heavy card stock and cut them down to 2″x2 1/2″.  Then I took my circle hole bunch and punched half a circle on both short sides of the cards.

After all my cards were made, I took to wrapping all of my ribbon around the cards.  First I wrote on the top of the card what brand the ribbon was, the color, and how wide it was.  Then I wrapped the ribbon around the card.  Once the ribbon was wrapped around the card, I took a rubber band and wrapped it around the ribbon.  The rubber band helps so that the ribbon doesn’t unwrap off the card.  You can see how much less room the ribbon now takes compared to how much it did before.

Once you have done this to all of your ribbon, start putting all of your it into your clear drawer organizer.  As you can see above I ended up with a bunch of empty ribbon spools and a very neatly organized tray of ribbon. (Now to figure out what I can use all those spools for)  I did end up leaving two on their spools due to my tray was getting full and they hadn’t even been opened yet.


Here you can see the before and after of what my ribbon drawer looks like.  Doesn’t it look amazing now that my ribbon takes up less than half of the drawer!?!  I love that I can easily see what ribbon I have and that it only takes up a small section of my drawer, thus giving me more space for other craft supplies or room to at more ribbon when I get it.  It feels so good to start to take control of my crafting supply chaos.  I can’t wait to organize the rest of my crafting supplies in my new drawers.


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