Wooden Heart Door Hanger

While in the dollar spot at Target (love this store) one day, I found this cute wooden heart for $3. As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to get it and spruce it up for our front door during February.  Over all this project cost me around $5.  Can’t beat that, for a cute door hanging that you can use for years to come!

I just love being able to decorate for different times of the year, just through a simple door hanging.  Below I’ll show you how I took my plain wooden heart and turned it into a cute February door hanger.

Wooden Heart Door Hanger

Heart Door Hanger -1


  • Wood Stain
  • Red, Pink, and Gray craft paint
  • Wooden Heart (Target)
  • Wooden Letter (Walmart)
  • Ribbon (Walmart)
  • Staining Block
  • Steel Wool
  • Wipe On Poly

Heart Door Hanger -2

1. First I took the pre-existing string out of the heart and stained it with one of my favorite wood stains. (Minwax English Chestnut)

Heart Door Hanger -3

2. Once the stain was dry, I dry brushed my heart pink.  I choice to dry brush my heart, so that it would have thin layers and later sand off better.

* To dry brush, you basically take your paint brush and dab it in a little paint and then dab it off some before you paint it on what you are wanting.  When you go to paint your piece, you do light brush strokes.  I’d recommend practicing on something else to get the technique down, before who do it on your actual project.

3. While my heart was drying, I painted my letter K.  First with a coat of red and once the red was dry, I took my gray paint and paint a thin layer on top.

4. Once my heart and K where dry, I took a sanding block and some steel wool and sanded my pieces to take off some of the top layer of paint to help expose the color underneath.

Heart Door Hanger -8

5. Once I was done sanding, I took some wipe on poly and put a layer on my heart and K.  I did this to help seal it and keep them look nice.  Then I let the poly fully dry.

6. Next, I took my glue gun and glued the K onto my heart.  After the K was secure, I took some white and gray chevron ribbon and put it through the holes at the top to hang it on my door.  To secure the ribbon, I put it into the holes through the back and then just tied a knot on the front.


And here’s the finished project hanging on our front door.  I just love the way it turned out.  I love that you can still see the wood gain, thanks to the stain, but you also have the color help make it pop!


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