Felt Roses

Here is a simple way to make plain, old felt, into cute little roses.  These felt roses are cheap and easy to make and can be used for all kinds of things. (Flowers for a vase, ornaments, pompadours/kissing balls, vase filler, etc.) Soon you’ll see what I’ve used mine for.  I can’t wait to show you, they turned out great and look so cute!

Felt Roses


  • Felt (whatever color you are needing)
  • Hot Glue Gun (or fabric glue would work as well, it’ll just take longer to dry)
  • Fabric Scissors


1. First you’ll need to take and cut your felt down into squares.  My squares are about 3×3.  The size of the squares will determine how big or small your roses will turn out.  After you have cut all of your squares out, you’ll need to round all four corners of each square.  Once you have done this, take and cut a spiral from the outside of your square to the middle. (Note: Make sure to live a little circle in the middle for the bottom of your rose.)

2. Now that you have all of your squares cut and good to go, you are now ready to start making these cute felt roses.  You’ll want to start rolling your felt from the outside tail towards the small circle you left in the middle.  Once you have completely rolled your flower, then hot glue the little circle to the bottom of your rose.

3. And voila, you have successfully made a felt rose. (at least I hope so) Here is what your finished felt roses should look like!  Now repeat the process until you have made as many felt roses that are needed for your project. (Which for me was a lot; around 200 or so)


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