Felt Rose Pompadours

As promised here is what I used those 200 or so felt roses for.  I used them to make three pompadours for my table centerpiece for the month of February. (Will be posting a picture soon) Below you’ll see how easy these are to make. Also another great thing about them, past how cute they are, is that they only cost about $3 a ball.  Can’t beat that!  I just love how they look in my February table centerpiece and that they very fairly simple to make!

Felt Rose Pompadours


  • 3: 2 1/2″ Styrofoam Balls (or however many you are wanting to make)
  • 5-6 Sheets of Pink Felt (or whatever color you are wanting) per ball
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun

DIY Felt Rose Pompadours 1


DIY Felt Rose Pompadours 2

1. Start by creating all the felt roses you need.  You’ll probably need around 75 roses for each styrofoam ball.  You can learn how to make these felt roses from my blog post here.

2. Next take all those felt roses and start gluing them to your styrofoam balls.  All I did was glued the first one on and started glued the next one beside it and so forth until my styrofoam ball was completely covered.

3. Once you have completed covered your styrofoam balls with felt roses, you are ready to put them in place where you are wanting them.  When I was done with all three of them, I put them into my table centerpiece to complete my February arrangement.  (Be watching for my post with my final centerpiece!)


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