Theatre Withdrawal

This past Sunday, Valentines Day, marked the end of the show I’ve been involved in for the past month or so, The Mouse that Roared.  We had a great crowd for our last show and it went well for the most part. (What live performance doesn’t have its hiccups.)  After the show was done, we took down the set and then had our cast party where we laughed and reminisced about the production we had just finished and just hung out.  It was a great time and these shared moments will always be remembered and cherished.

But now that the show is done, I am going through withdrawal, not just from acting but from the people who I got to know, the ones that I created stronger friendships with, and just the bringing of culture to the people who watched and enjoyed our show.  I always go through a theatre withdrawal at the end of a show I’m involved in, no matter if I’m just on stage crew, was in it, or directing it.

You go from almost every night seeing your fellow cast mates and working with them to put together a great show, to not really seeing them at all and having a lot of free time.  Don’t get me wrong, I am beyond excited to have some free time to just relax, do somethings around our house, and re-discover forgotten loves. (in the art way)  But there’s just something that comes over you for about a week or so when you close a show, a feeling of something is missing but you can’t quite place what it is.

So right now I am going through my theatre withdrawal and will be for about this next week or so until I get back into my normal routine.  I can’t wait to have some time to relax and get things done.  It’ll be great to feel productive again and see my hubby some more past that hour or so at night after practice/ show. (Though now tax season is in full force)  Do any of you experienced this feeling after you’ve finished a show or something you’ve been working on for awhile?

WAC Jill
Me as WAC Jill. (one of my 3 parts)
Emily & I
Emily and I
Love these girls!
No Caps
No Capes! (Clare looked like Edna Mode from the Incredibles)
WAC Jill and Debbie!

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