Remotes Box

The other night I took another one of our wedding centerpieces and created this cute little box for our TV remotes in our bedroom.  It was a fairly simple project and I love having something to hold our TV remotes so we can find them and they don’t get lost in the hustle and bustle of the morning craziness.

Remotes Box 4


  • A Wooden Box
  • A white paint marker/ craft paint. (I used a paint marker to make lettering easier)

1. First I sketched out, on a separate piece of paper, the design I was wanting on my box.  Once I had perfected my design, I sketched it out on my box with a pencil.

2. After I had sketched my design out on the box, I  then took my white paint marker and painted in my lettering.

Remotes Box 1

Once the paint was dry (which didn’t take very long), I placed my remotes into the box and put it on the dress with our TV and Blu-ray player in our bedroom.  I just love how it turned out and that our remotes have a home so they don’t accidentally get lost or in our laundry.



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