C2 Chicken Adventures

It’s about to happen, we are about to start our adventure of being first time chicken owners. (Never thought I’d say that.)  Here in the next week or so , my hubby and I will be starting our adventure and getting ourselves six baby chicks.  I can’t wait to get them and start this new adventure.  If you following me on Pinterest, you’ll notice I’ve had chicken on the brain a lot lately.  I’ve been looking up the different brooder and coop designs, tips and tricks how to raise chickens, and how to best care for your new to old chickens.  I’m hopping this week to build our brooder (Be looking for my post on how we constructed ours) and get the few things we are needing  to start our chicks off.  I’m wanting to get everything done now, so that when we get out chicks in the next week or so, we’ll be ready for them. (Kinda feel like a new parent about to bring home their new bundle of joy.)  Thankfully we have sometime before we’ll need our coop, giving us some time to come up with the best design and build it.  It’ll be some great date nights to come. (Also be watching for our coop design and how we build it.)  I can’t wait to share our chicken adventures with you, it’s going to be a fun, new experience!



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