DIY Chalkboard

For Christmas, as one of my presents, my husband bought me the materials for us to build the chalkboard that I’ve been wanting.  About a month or so ago, we finally got around to building it and I just love how it turned out.  It looks so great in our house and I love getting to come up with new designs for it.

Here’s how we built my chalkboard.


  • 1: 1x4x12
  • 1 sheet of 1/4″ Mahogany Plywood cut at 2’x3′
  • Chalkboard Paint
  • Primer
  • Wood glue
  • Paint Roller
  • Picture Hangers
  • Wood Stain
  • Wipe on Poly

DIY Chalkboard 1

1. First we cut our pieces for the frame.  We cut the 1×4’s into four pieces, two at 3’6″ and two at 2’6″. (These measurements are from point to point) All angles are cut at 45 degrees so that they’ll be 90 degrees when fitted together.

2. After all our pieces were cut, we took and cut a 1/2″ inset into each of the four pieces with our table saw for the plywood to sit into but you don’t have to do this.  Then we glued our frame together and put a couple nails in each corner, with our brad nailer, for extra strength.

3. Once the glue was dry, I sanded and stained the frame.  After the stain was dry, I applied a wipe on poly to my frame.  Then once that was dry, I used some steel wool to smooth out and shine up the frame.

4. Next we cut the plywood down to size.  If you choose to inset your piece, you’ll want to measure what size of the inset and cut it just a hair smaller.  If you choose not to inset the plywood, then you’ll just need to cut the plywood 1/2″ to a 1″ smaller than the overall size of your frame.

5. Once the back was cut, I took some white ceiling paint we had lying around and painted a coat on the board to act as a primer.  This helps to fill in any pores the wood might have and helps the chalkboard paint to cover better.  After the primer was dry, I painted on three coats of the chalkboard paint.  Letting it dry in between coats the time that was stated on the chalkboard paint can.

6.  When the paint was dry, we took our brad nailer and nailed the plywood onto the frame.  Then we attached the picture hangers to the back.  We put on three, one in the middle and the other two about 1′ or so from the middle one on either side.

6.  Before you are ready to to use your chalkboard, make sure that you season it.  If you don’t season your chalkboard, you can end up with your first design on the board never really going away.  You can season it by taking a piece of chalk and rubbing it cross the board one way and then the other way.  After the board is covered, erase all the chalk off. (I chose to do this before we attached the plywood to the frame but you can also do it after.)

Here is what my finished chalkboard came out to look like. For around $20, I got a great piece of decor and many memories with my hubby.  What I love most about my chalkboard is that its something that my hubby and I built together and that I can continually be creative with coming up with new designs for it.  Above are my first two chalkboard creations.  I just love how they came out, special my Easter one.  I can’t wait to draw my next design.

I hope that you are inspired to build your own chalkboard and to start coming up with designs of what you can draw on it.


2 thoughts on “DIY Chalkboard

    • Thank you so much! You most definitely do, they are so much fun! 🙂

      Thank you so much for the nomination, this means so much to me and congratulations on your awards, well deserved! 🙂


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