C2 Chicken Adventures: A New Beginning


It saddens me to type this but over the weekend we lost all six of our baby chicks.  It was a hard Saturday evening for my little family but we learned some valuable lessons about being chicken owners and life.

How you may ask did our beautiful Rhode Island Red chickens come to pass?  Well it started like any other Saturday evening with my hubby and I making dinner.  While dinner was on the grill cooking, we took our chickens and put them in the yard so they could explore and we could clean their box.  While my hubby was cleaning their box out, I sat in the yard throwing the ball for our dog, Charlie, and interacted with our chickens.  When dinner was ready, we decided to let the chickens hang out in the yard for a little bit longer while we ate.  We went inside and started eating dinner, every 5 minutes or so my hubby would check on the chickens to make sure our dog and cat were leaving them alone and that they were doing okay alone.  Well when he went to check on them the second or third time, he couldn’t see them anymore, so he went outside to find that our dog had tried to play or herd them and had accidentally killed all of them in the process.  It was a hard, sad night for all. (Note: Now I just want to make sure all of you know, Charlie really is a kind and gentle dog, we think he just got over excited to have new friends to play with and we still love him.)

That night we learned some very important lessons about how to better care for our chickens.  We now know not to leave them alone in the yard even if you have the most well natured pets.  Things can happen even if they don’t mean to harm them.  Also we learned that we probably were a little premature with letting them out in the yard and that when we do, that we’ll need to put them in the yard of their coop first so that Charlie can accumulate to them and they’ll be safe from whatever might come their way.  They were some hard lessons but we just have to learn from them and not let what happened keep us down.


Now on a happier note, we decided not to let this set back keep us from our chicken owning adventure and yesterday we brought home six more baby chicks.  This time we got Buff Orpingtons.  Even though we loved the Rhode Island Red breed, the buff’s are suppose to also be a really good bread for laying and having calm personalities.  Plus its all our local Orschelns had (they don’t really know what they are going to get until they arrive) and we didn’t want to wait in hopes they may or may not get some more of the same breed.  Aren’t they cute?!

We are excited to keep going with our chicken adventures and raise these beautiful chicks but we’ll never forget out first six chicks!


4 thoughts on “C2 Chicken Adventures: A New Beginning

  1. Oh Courtney, I am so so sorry for you loss. I actually had tears when I read your post. Shame, poor Charlie, he didn’t understand….I am happy you have some new little chicks. Hope they will be happy and healthy always. xxx


    • Aww, thank you so much. That means so much. Even though we are sad to have lost them, we are so happy that we got some more and are having fun with our new little fuzz balls. 🙂


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