C2Garden: Getting Started

As one of my goals for this year (read about them here), I wanted to start a garden and master a small amount of veggies.  I’ve gardened before but never really put much into.  Ask my mom or my hubby, they would end up doing all the weeding.  This year I’m determined to keep up with my garden and master the few things we are growing.

C2G -seeds

This last weekend my hubby helped me to get my garden going.  Though before he tilled up the ground and I planted the seeds, I made a plan of generally what I wanted our garden to look like.  To start off with we choose what veggies we wanted to grow.  We went with watermelon, cucumbers, radishes, snap peas, tomato’s, green bell peppers, jalapenos, green beans, and lettuce.  After we had figured out what we were wanting to plant, I bought our seeds.

This year I decided to try getting our seeds from a  website, I had found, Seeds Now.  Its great, you can click on what region you are in and they give you suggestions on the best variety of veggies will grow best in your area.  You can also tell it if you want easy to grow veggies, if you are planting in raised beds or not, and much more.  Now I think the seeds are probably a little more than buying them at somewhere like Walmart but you are getting a better quality of seed.

C2G -planning

After we figured out what we wanted to plant, I took and plotted out where I wanted everything to be planted and how much ground we were going to need to till up.  Now it might seem like we have a lot of space with not much planted there but we wanted to leave enough room between the rows to help make weeding easier by being able to use our rototiller for some of it.  Also cucumbers and watermelon need a lot of space around them since they vine out a lot.

Since last week was the first week in April, I needed to get our radishes, sweet peas, and lettuce planted but first we had to till up our garden plot in the back.  Thanks to my parents having a nice sized rototiller, this task was made much simpler.  My hubby was nice enough to do this part of our garden for me.  My garden came out to be about 13’x20′ but there’s room for growth if we need it.

After the ground was all tilled up and raked, I planted our radishes and snap peas.  For the snap peas, my hubby put up a cattle grate for them to vine up.  Also he put in some stakes a long the three rows of radishes, so that until they start growing, we’ll know where we planted them.

Next we planted our lettuce.  We have some cattle bins on our property that we use as raised garden beds.  This year we are planting our green beans and lettuce in them.  We also have our strawberry bed in the third one. After we had planted everything, I watered them.  I try and water them about every other day or so, depending on the weather.  Here in another week or so, I’ll have to plant our cucumbers, watermelon, and green beans.  I can’t wait for our garden to grow and to get to enjoy the fruits of our labors.



4 thoughts on “C2Garden: Getting Started

  1. Courtney, this is so exciting ! I am so happy for you 🙂 Nothing is better than going out into your own and picking your own veggies, well done. Please do posts on the progress I would love to see that. I have had in the past a few veggies growing in my garden, it was the absolute best (then my hubby wanted a swimming pool, so guess what, that was the end of my herb and veggie garden:-( , anyway I am now slowly but surely starting up again in another area of the garden and have the herbs in pots…it is not perfect, but it is at least something. Enjoy your gardening 🙂


    • Thank you! I know what you mean, there’s something that just makes them taste so much better knowing that you grew them yourself! That’s great that you have found away to get your garden gong again! 🙂

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