Life Ramblings

You’ve heard that we got new chickens (they are doing well) and that we planted the first round of our garden but today I thought I’d share a little about what else has been going on that has been keeping me pretty busy lately.

The Boys Next Door -Poster

The biggest thing that has been keeping me the busiest lately, is the play, The Boys Next Door.  This is the play that our local playhouse is currently working to put on.  I am the assistant director for this show, which has been a lot fun since my dad is the director. Its so cool how we can bounce ideas off of each other and have a similar picture of what the show should look like.  Only about two weeks till we open, the show is getting there but still has a little bit to go before its ready for opening night!

Along with being the AD for the show, I’ve also been helping build and paint the set every Saturday afternoon.  We are close to being done and I can’t wait to get to dress the set.  I’m also the graphic designer for the playhouse, which means I put together all of their advertisements for the shows.  I just finished the poster (pictured above) for the show and I’m very happy with how it turned out.  Now I just need to get the bios & head shots put together, which are going to be pretty cool but you’ll just have to wait to see how they turn out.  I promise, it’s worth the wait!

YP Reno

Another big project I’ve been helping with is the renovation of the playhouse’s lobby.  A year or so ago I was asked to present my designs, to playhouse board, on how we could update the lobby.  Well a few months ago, I got the email saying that the playhouse was ready to start raising the money to help get started on the lobby renovation and a couple other projects.  I met with a couple members of the board were we looked at the original designs and came up with what they are wanting to do in the lobby.  It felt so good to get to use my design talents and create a SketchUp rendering for them.  Now to just create the design board, to display at the upcoming shows, so that we can get the community excited for the next phase!

Our Kitchen

As for my life as a newly wed, it has been going pretty well, though busy.  We continue to make improvements to our house thought that has slowed down due to my hubby starting to study for his CPA exams.  I’m so proud of him working towards this goal and all the hours of studying he has started putting in on top of working a full time job.  This being said I’ve been trying to step it up around the house and keep it as clean as possible so that he has a good environment to study in.  (Also this is part of my 2016 Resolutions ). Even though it sometimes gets to those points where you just have to take a day and really go at cleaning it, we’ve been doing pretty well at putting our laundry up right away, cleaning the dishes and putting them in the dishwasher when done, and just little everyday task.  We are still, by no means, perfect at this yet but are working on it.  I always feel better and more focused when our house is clean.

Overall, life has been going pretty well but doesn’t look like its going to be slowing down for awhile.



3 thoughts on “Life Ramblings

  1. Love your rambles 🙂 I am so pleased things are going well for you, hectic, but going well for both you and hubby. I think it is super cool that you get to work with your dad 🙂 That is so special Courtney. Enjoy and have fun. x

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