The Get to Know Me Tag

While reading some blogs that I follow, I saw a post by HomeHugsHuskies called “The Get to Know Me Tag”.  Basically it’s a bunch of questions that you fill out about yourself so that your followers can get to know a little more about you.  I thought this would be a fun and great way to let all of you, my followers, know a little more about myself.  So here it goes!


  • Name: Courtney
  • Nicknames: Depends on who’s talking to me.  In general people will call me Court, my parents will call me Sweet Pea & Dowinkle, and one of the few that my husband calls me is Honey Bunches.
  • Star Sign: Leo
  • Occupation: Administrative Assistant
  • Birth Place: I’m not originally from the great state of Nebraska.  I was born and raised in Bismarck, North Dakota till was eight, when we moved to Nebraska.


  • Hair color: Brown
  • Hair length: Long, about at bottom of my shoulder blades
  • Eye color: Blue, sometimes grayish blue when I’m tried.
  • Best feature: My eyes
  • Braces: Nope, thank goodness!
  • Piercings: Yes, I have my belly button pierced.
  • Tattoos: Nope, possibly someday but it would have to be something that really means something to me and not just to a tattoo to have a tattoo
  • Right or left handed: Lefty!!!


  • Best friend: I would have to say it was a girl named Kayla.  We went to the same school and only lived about a block from each other.
  • Award: “Slightly Tilted Screw” -This is an award that my dad will give out to a couple of his children’s theatre kids who really helped out during practice and went above and beyond. It felt so great when I finally received one because as the director’s daughter, you are already involved in so many different ways with the show that you don’t always get recognized for going above and beyond.
  • Theatre Show:  On Broadway –Cats  Local community playhouse -With my dad being a director, I started going to shows at a very young age, so I’m not sure what my first community playhouse show would be but I’m sure it was one he was directing.
  • Concert: Um this is hard because I’ve never really been to, what I would consider, a really concert.  You know one where you buy tickets and there’s hundred’s of people there. I’ve been to a few small, maybe twenty people or so shows.  I’d say my first one of those would have to be in college when, for homecoming, they brought in a band called Ingram Hill.  They have a few cds out and ever so often you’ll here one of their songs playing in movie or something.


  • FilmsSo hard to pick just one.  To name a few I’d have to say Mulan, Howel’s Moving Castle, and Spirited Away.
  • TV Show: Another one that is hard for me.  Um I think I’m going to go with Charmed.
  • Book: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. 
  • Quote: “The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work.”  -Emile Zola
  • Color: Bright Blue
  • Restaurant: Texas Roadhouse, Olive Garden, or HuHot
  • Shoes: My black Toms
  • Candy: Sweettarts and Sprees
  • Cookie: Milano’s
  • Food: Velveeta Shell’s and Cheese with fish sticks with steak at a close second.
  • Car: My Toyota Rav4
  • Musical: Pippin or Wicked


  • Feeling: Sleepy
  • Single or Taken: Taken.
  • Eating: Nothing, though I just at a granola bar.
  • Drinking: Water
  • Watching: Fixer Upper
  • Wearing: A black dress, gray sweater, white scarf, and a mint floral headband.


  • Children: We hope to have two or three!
  • Marriage: Nope, just got married almost a year ago (can’t believe its almost been a year, crazy) and don’t really plan on doing it again.
  • Careers:  Um not sure, depends on the time.  When we have kids I hope to either be a stay at home mom or at least work from home.  After the kids are in school, I hope to be able to get a job in Interior or Graphic design.
  • Where you want to live: Close to family, where my future children can play outside and I don’t have to worry about them to much doing so.
  • Travel:  Hopefully someday I’ll get to go to Ireland, London, Paris, Rome, and Greece.


  • Miracles: Yes
  • God: Yes, absolutely!
  • Love at First Sight: Possibly
  • Ghosts: Yes
  • Aliens: I think it’s possible that they are out there.  If so and they try to invade Earth, I’ll know what to do thanks to Signs and War of the Worlds; Go hideout near a body of water and hope that their immune systems can’t handle our planet and die. 😉
  • Soul Mates: Definitely!
  • Heaven/ Hell: Yes.
  • Kissing on the First Date: My hubby and I didn’t, so nope, not really my style.
  • Yourself:  I belief in myself most days through there are those when it’s hard but thankfully I have an amazing hubby and family that can bring my confidence back. 🙂


I’m going to tag anyone who reads this and would like to get in on the fun.  I’d love to learn more about all of you. It’s great to get to know other bloggers through a easy question and answer.  Feel free to add things you’d like people to know and delete others that you’d rather not answer.  Have fun with it, I know I did!


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