May Favorites

Over the past year or so I’ve gotten really into watching Youtube videos.  One of the videos that I’ve seen many of the Youtuber’s do is a monthly favorites .  So I thought I’d give it a shot and see how it goes.  Below you’ll find some of the things that I’ve been really enjoying this past month.

S'well Bottle

1. S’well Bottle -I just got mine this month and have been loving them.  I’ve been wanting one for about a year now and I finally just went for it and bought one.  I’m so glad I did, even though they cost a little more than your average water bottle, they are so worth it.  Plus when I got mine, they asked me to fill out a short survey and sent me a free 9oz S’well bottle.  I love both my 17oz and 9oz so much!

 What is a S’well Bottle you might ask?!  Well it is a bottle that is made out of 18/8 stainless steel and will keep your cold drinks cold for 24 hours and your hot drinks hot for 12 hours. (Now mind you from what I’ve read these numbers depend on if you are keeping the lid on for that time length or taking it off and on within it but even so it keeps them cold or hot for a pretty long time anyways.)  Another great thing about the S’well company is that for every bottle you buy they donate money to help bring clean water to third-world countries.

2. 31 Lunch Break Thermal -A month or so ago I got my new lunch box from 31 and boy am I glad I spent a little extra on my lunch bag.  This lunch bag is amazing!  It’s large enough to put all of my lunch items in it with room to spare. (Above you can see that you can fix for 12 oz pop cans across the bottom and my two S’well bottles and still have room to spare)  It also has a  thermal lining (which you can see) to help keep things hot or cold.  The fabric that it is made out of makes clean up a breezy.  Simply wipe it down with some soap and water and you are good to go.  I just love having a lunch box that looks more grown up, since I bring my lunch to work everyday, and that can fit everything I need in it.

Bag 1

3. 31 Tall Organizing Tote  -When I bought my lunch box, they were having a costumer special on the tall organizing tote, so I thought why not and I’m sure glad I did.  They advertise this bag for being great for teachers and nurses but it’s also great for those who are involved in theatre.  It has pockets on the front of the bag for you pencil, highlighter, and cell phone.  Then plenty of space inside to put your script and anything else you need to bring with you to play practice.  This was my go to bag for assistant directing the Boys Next Door and I can tell you it’ll defiantly be my bag of choice for anytime I’m in a show now.

4. Do It On a Dime -Recently I found Kathryn’s Youtube channel and have become hooked.  Kathryn is a mom of a cute little boy and another boy on the way and she loves to organize her house on a dime.  She shares with you all the different ways she has organized her house on a dime.  I didn’t use to give the Dollar Tree much thought until I watched her videos but I sure do now.  There’s some pretty great stuff there that doesn’t cost you an arm and leg, even some name brand things.  Make sure to check out her channel (DoItOnaDime) and get inspired to organize your house just like I did.

5. Dollar Tree Bins -As I was saying, I’ve become hooked on Dollar Tree products and some of my favorites that I’ve started using in my house are there bins, specially the round ones.  Now they aren’t the highest quality of bins in the world but they’re not bad for only a dollar.  I’ve starting using them in my hubby and I’s closet and have a list going of what I need to get for other area’s of our house.  I just love being organized, it makes me happy.

Fiber One Bars

6. Fiber One Bars -I just found out about these this past month and boy are they delicious.  I eat one almost about everyday.  I’ve tried the lemon and the mint chocolate chips ones and they are both so good.  The best thing about them is that they are only 90 calories and you get about 20% of your needed daily fiber from them.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my May Favorites and have found some new things that you need to try.  I hope to keep sharing my monthly favorites with you, so keep on the outlook for next months!



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