June Favorites

June has be a pretty busy month for us from getting back from Colorado to building our chicken coop to helping with our local Children’s Theatre program.  With all of that there hasn’t been much time to slow down and smell the roses.  So I’m looking forward to a more relaxed July! (I hope)  Below you’ll find some of my June favorites!  


1. Sweet Maluhia Pencil Case -I received this pencil case (or makeup bag as website calls it) in my first Panduh Box (will hopefully review for you after I’ve gotten a few of them).  I love it!  Its big enough to put different planner supplies in but still small enough that I can bring it anywhere with me.  Also the print is so pretty!


2. Indigo and Sage -Indigo and Sage is a Instagram clothing store.  Yes you heard me correct, there are now stores that sell things solely through Instagram.  Indigo and Sage has so many cute cloths from shirts to skirts to dresses. All you have to do is when they post a clothing item that you want to buy, you just leave your paypal email and what size and color you want and they send you an invoice on your account.  You have one hour to pay the invoice and then that item is yours.  They usually mail it then within a couple of days!  The two shirts that I’ve gotten so far are great.  I love that they are long and flowy and that the neck lines aren’t too low but still have a feminine feel to them. I’ve only gotten a few so far but if I could I would buy so many more.  They are well made and don’t cost anymore than going to the store to buy them.

Side Note: Sorry about the weird shadowing on the selfies. It was my first time taking photos like these and the over head light didn’t help me out.  Also where’s my hair you might ask?!  Well when I was taking these photos, I had just gotten done with my shower, so my hair was up in a towel. 😉

3. Teal Tank Dress -I bought this teal tank dress from Target  for a casual wedding we have coming up this week and it has quickly become one of my favorite pieces that I own.  It is so comfortable and can be dressed up or down.  I love how great it looks on and that I can wear it for so many different events.

BelVita Bites

4. belVita Breakfast Bites -My husband and I are now obsessed with these.  We eat them almost every day.  They are so yummy and like the packaging says, help to keep us from feeling hungry for four hours.  Which is great, so that our growling tummies don’t distract us from work. 😉



5. Our Blue Trim Chicken Coop -I just love how our chicken coop turned out.  Its just so pretty and out chickens love it as well!  My hubby lets them out into their yard in the morning and at night, when we come to lock them in their house, they’ve already made their way back up in there.

Curious to how we built our coop? Make sure to check out my post about our Blue Trim Chicken Coop and see some start to finish photos of how we built our coop.

I hope that you’ve been enjoying my monthly favorite post and have found some new things that you want to try!  What are your June favorites?

Check out my May Favorites here!


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