Our 4th of July Weekend

Happy 4th of July!  I hope everyone had a great one! Ours sure was a blast! (see what I did there 😉 )  The 4th of July is one of my family and I’s favorite holidays.  We might all be slight pyros. We always go a bit crazy when it comes to fireworks, they are just so much fun!

To start our 4th of July weekend off, my hubby and I went to a wedding reception of one of his co-workers.  Their wedding reception decor was all forth of July themed from the colors being red, white, and blue to fireworks as centerpieces along with cute, handmade pinwheels in metal buckets and watering cans to a firework show at then end of the night. They’re firework display was pretty great!  It was so much fun to stand outside with everyone watch all of the pretty colors as they burst in the sky.  It was a good start to our 4th of July weekend.

On Sunday evening we went to our towns firework show. We sat in the grand stands at the fair grounds with our family and friends to watch the show.  We always sit in the grand stands so that we can enjoy the atmosphere of everyone who is there along with hearing the music that our local radio show has picked to go a long with the show.  It was really cool when the song “Happy” came on and some of the fireworks that where shot off looked like smiley faces.  The show was amazing as always!

Monday, the 4th of July, was just a great over all day, starting with a lazy morning.  It was so nice to have some time to lounge around and catch up on some sleep before the nights festivities.  In the afternoon we headed over to my parents for a evening of fireworks and fun.  We grilled out, talked, and played some croquet until it was time start shooting off fireworks.  As it was starting to get dark, we shot off  our loud fireworks, parachutes, and smoke bombs (some of my favorites).  Once it was dark enough, the real party started!  We shot off all kinds of different fireworks from artillery shells to fountains to ground blooms.  They’re all just so much fun!  One of my favorite things to do is to have a couple of people light the same firework off at the same time.  It’s fun to see if everyone can get theirs to light when the others get theirs.  If you can get it to work, you can have a fun mini-firework show! To end the night we passed out some sparklers (another favorite of mine) to everyone and we all had fun swooshing them around, writing our names and pretending we were Harry Potter!  A good end to a great day!

Even though it was a long, busy weekend, it was  also a lot of fun!  I couldn’t have asked for a better 4th of July!  I can’t wait till next year! 🙂


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