July Favorites -Erin Condren Planner


For this month’s favorites, I’ve decided to feature my amazing Erin Condren Planner!  After years of wanting and pining after, I finally got myself one and boy am I glad that I did.  I use to be a planner girl, that was until I got out of college and didn’t see need for one but boy was I wrong!  I don’t know how I lived life without one.  It helps to keep me on track and I love getting to check off task after I’ve completed them!  There’s just something about the swishing of the pen to create that check mark and feeling of accomplishment that keeps me wanting to get things done and keep using my planner.

So what makes the Erin Condren planner so much better than a normal planner you buy at Walmart, Target, etc, that makes it worth the price?  I don’t know if I can answer the question very well but I can tell you that if you love planners and have ever thought about getting an Erin Condren planner, just do it and you’ll see how amazing they are for yourself.

With these planners you get to pick the cover you want and if you wanting personalize it or not.  Don’t worry though if you get board easily with the cover you choose, you can order other covers and interchange them as you please.  Along with the price of the planner you also get a snap in ruler, snap in pencil pouch, a few complement cards, and a little book of sample Erin Condren stickers.  Along with my planner, I also ordered the keep it together bands, wet erase markers, do it all dots, pen holder, and erin condren markers.

The Erin Condren planner comes in three different layouts that you can pick from, vertical, horizontal, and hourly. I chose the vertical so that I could layout my day in three ways, work, life, and my to do list.  This planner is laid out with a monthly calendar first and then a spread for each week of the month.  I love that I have enough room to write in everything I need to for the day.  Before when used planners I bought from Walmart or Targert, I barley had enough room to write down what I needed to and now I have enough room and more.  It’s great and so much more useful!

Not only has this planner brought back my love for the planner but it has also some other old flames including pretty pens and stickers.  After joining the planner community, I found out about PenGems and had to get myself some.  I only have three so far but there are a couple others that I have my eye on and that I’m sure will be joining my family of pretty pens soon.

I must warn you though, if you do get this planner, you will most likely become addicted to planner stickers.  Believe me, I bought one kit and few others to start off and haven’t looked back.Through buying stickers and following planner people through Youtube and Instagram, I have learned that I am more of a white space planner that occasional enjoys no-white space planning for special weeks like my birthday or my anniversary. This helps to keep my sticker buying in hand for the most part, sometimes you just can’t say no to all of the pretty stickers!

Here are a few of my favorite sticker shops so far:

Another planner must have that I discovered is my new pouch from Thirty One!  It’s the best thing ever.  Its just big enough to fit my planner in it and all of my stickers.  This way I can keeping everything together and safe.  I would high recommend getting one and they don’t cost too much. (Much cheaper than the EC ones.)

Over all I am in love with my new planner and am so glad that I took the plunge!  I’m so excited to continue using my planner to keep me organized but also as a keepsake to look back onto and remember what happened in my life during 2016-2017.

Are you a planner girl?  What planner do you use and what do you love about it?



*Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by any of these companies, all opinions and pictures are my own.  There are, however, some referral links.


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