C2 Chicken Adventures: Our First Eggs


Finally, are chickens are laying eggs!  

It was such an exciting day when we found our first eggs, though sadly one of the two had a hole in it! (Our dog sure enjoyed it though)  There’s just something about eating eggs from your own chickens that make them taste even better.  Now that it has been a couple weeks we’ve started getting three eggs a day and hopefully soon our other three chickens will start laying as well!  Though then we’ll have to figure out what to do with all those eggs!


Are chickens have gotten quite big and fluffy!  It seems to have been the year of grasshoppers and our chickens sure have been enjoying themselves.  My hubby lets them roam around the yard every day or so and they love to run around catching as many grasshoppers as they can.  Which is fine by us because they keep the population down and not hopping around.


Another one of their favorite games is to chase our cat around our yard, which is quite funny to watch our chunky cat trying to get away from the chickens.  Any time he’s outside he steers clear of where ever the chickens might be.  Who would have ever though we’d have to be protecting our cat from the chickens!

We can’t wait for our chicken’s to start laying full time and for those eggs to get bigger!


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