Halloween Weekend

I hope everyone had a spooky Halloween!  I know we sure did.  This past Saturday my hubby and I hosted a Halloween party for our young couples group at our house filled with laughs, games, pumpkin carving, and costume contest.

To start off our party, we had an pumpkin carving contest.  Everyone got a pumpkin and had a hour to carve whatever they wanted into their pumpkin.  Once everyone was done carving their pumpkin, we had everyone vote for their favorite pumpkin.  The winner won a prize to help them in the games to come.

We also had a costume contest that we had everyone vote on their favorite costumes.  The winners dressing as Sims.  Their costume was simple but amazing!  I sure did vote for them!

After our contest, we started in on playing the games we had come up with.  We chose to play a series of different mini-games and whoever won the most, won the grand prize of a scary movie! The first game we played was a Spider toss where two teams faced off to see who could could get eight spider rings stuck in the spider web first. We chose the winner through a double elimination bracket.

After the spider toss we went Ghost Bowling.  For this game, we saw who could get the most strikes in one-minute.  Whoever got the most in one minute won!


Next, we used the toilet paper from the ghost bowling to have a mummy wrap.  Whoever was voted the best mummy won!


The next game we played a game where you placed a cookie on your forehead and tired to see who could get it from their forehead down to their mouth and eat it first.  It was much harder than I thought it would be.


To finish off the night we played a game where you had to find four spider rings in a bucket of fruity pebbles between you and your partner and move them from the bucket into a dixie cup.  The first team to get all four into the cup first would win. We timed each group and whatever team had the fastest time won the over all game.

Overall I’d have to say the night was a success and everyone had a great time!  Halloween is one of my favorite holiday’s and this one is up there in the top!


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