Goals for 2017

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I can’t believe 2016 has come and gone and that it’s now 2017!

Last year I wrote about my Resolutions for 2016.  I made nine resolutions last year and was only able to keep four of them.  So this year I’m decided that I was going to make goals for myself that I’ve already been working on but want to continue to improve on and make into habits.  So here are my goals for 2017!


1.Finish building my desk and clean the office: We started building my desk back in September but as I’m sure all of you understand, life is busy and other things come up that take precedence over things like building a desk.  So we haven’t quite gotten it finished yet but I’d say we are pretty close!  Once that’s done I’ll be able to organize and clean up our office that might have been a mess since we got married. :S


2. Wash the dishes:  My hubby and I are trying to be better at not letting our dishes just pile up till we have no pots or pans left.  We are working on making sure that we put the dishes that go in the dishwasher in it and hand wash those that need it right after we are done so not to get a pile on our counter.  So far it works for a few days and then we revert back to old habits and they start pilling up again!  Hopefully my dishes habit tracker in my planner will help keep me motivated and the fact that I hate having a dirty kitchen! (My favorite soup sponge brush is the Grove Collective: Suds Up Soap Dispensing Dish Sponge)

3. Keep the House Clean: Along with keeping the dishes clean, I also want to continue to work on cleaning the house as I go. Part of working on keeping the house clean, I hope to take part this month in a couple cleaning challenges that a few bloggers I follow are putting on.  The first is the Declutter Challenge put on by Clean Mama.  Basically for one month you go around for 10-15 minutes a day and work on decluttering different parts of your house.  The other challenge I want to take part in is the Home Organization Challenge by ABowlFullofLemons.  This challenge will start January, 7th.  For 14 weeks, you work on organizing different parts of your house.  Each week is different room.  I look forward to taking part in these challenges and getting our house cleaner and more livable!  I’m all about work easier not harder and I feel if your house is clean and organized this is possible! (Maybe I’ll even do a weekly blog on my progress in these challenges.)


4. Make the bed every morning:  I was doing fairly well at this for a while and then it just got away from me.  I’ve found that I just feel so much better in the morning and more ready to start my day when I’ve gotten up and made my bed first thing every morning.


5. Put away the clean laundry:  This is another one like the dishes.  I do really well for about a week and then one week it gets away from me and it then the laundry starts to pile up to where I can’t caught up without taking a lot of time to put it all away.

Open book on wooden table.

6. Read at least two books a monthI use to love to read books and would do so every night until I went to college. (Reading for class doesn’t leave much time for fun reading) After college I’d about a book every couple of months but now that I started working at my new job, I’ve started reading a book while I eat my lunch!  I’m hopping to keep this going and get even more books checked off my list!


7. Going swimming once to twice a week:  Now this is the tougher goal I’ve set for myself and my hubby this year.  We both this last year gained a little weight and are really starting to notice it.  So we decided to get ourselves into better shape and lose that extra weight we put on,  that we wanted to go swimming more often (and Casey play more basketball).  Hopefully we can keep ourselves doing this and get to where we want to be! Update: Swimming once or twice a week has turned into using our new exercise bike two or three times a week!
This year promises to be a great year and along with this simples goals I hope that I can become an even better me, wife, and friend!  I look forward to this being the best year yet.  Here’s to an amazing 2017!


9 thoughts on “Goals for 2017

  1. I learned the key to cleaning is to tag team it for example my spouse or I would start the laundry and the other person will pick up with the drying and folding. Same with dishes one person will load other will later unload. I look forward to seen your finish desk but don’t put pressure on yourself it took me two years to upholster a chair granted there was months I just didn’t have time. You can see the finish product here.

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