C2 Chicken Adventures: Our First Eggs


Finally, are chickens are laying eggs!  Read More »


C2 Chicken Adventures:The Blue Trim Coop

Our chicken coop is finally finished!  It took us about a week and a half of working off and on in our free time on it but its finally done and we love it!  Originally I was going to give you a basic break down of how we built our coop but sadly that’s not going to be happening.  Basically we drew a picture of what we wanted it to look like and some basic measurements and just ran with it.  So instead, I’m just going to share some pictures from start to finish of our coop and some updated photos of our chickens!  Enjoy! Read More »

C2 Chicken Adventures: A New Beginning


It saddens me to type this but over the weekend we lost all six of our baby chicks.  It was a hard Saturday evening for my little family but we learned some valuable lessons about being chicken owners and life.Read More »

C2 Chicken Adventures: Update

Chicks Update 7

Our chickens just keep getting bigger and bigger. Make since with how much they are eating now.  It won’t be long now and they’ll be ready to move from their brooder box (see how we built ours here) into their coop.  Its sad and exciting at the same time to watch our chickens grow.  I miss their fluff, which is hardly there now, that’s now being replaced by their big girl feathers.  At the same time, it’s exciting because the bigger they get the closer we are to getting our first eggs from them. Read More »

C2 Chicken Adventures: DIY Brooder Box

It’s been two weeks since we brought our baby chicks home and so far we’ve enjoyed having them.  They are getting so big which saddens me because they are slowly loosing their fluff and getting their big girl feathers.  I mean, I know they need their feathers and all but they are just so cute when they are just little balls of fluff. Though we are exited for them to grow into adult chickens so we can start gathering eggs from them. Read More »

C2 Chicken Adventures

It’s about to happen, we are about to start our adventure of being first time chicken owners. (Never thought I’d say that.)  Here in the next week or so , my hubby and I will be starting our adventure and getting ourselves six baby chicks.  I can’t wait to get them and start this new adventure. Read More »