Life Ramblings

You’ve heard that we got new chickens (they are doing well) and that we planted the first round of our garden but today I thought I’d share a little about what else has been going on that has been keeping me pretty busy lately.Read More »


The Liebster Award


I just feel so blessed to share with you that I’ve been nominated for another blogging award. Read More »

Resolutions for 2016

After reading many of my friends blogs and others, on what their resolutions for 2016 were going to be, I thought I would create a list of my own and share it with you.  When creating this list, I tried to keep in mind to make resolutions that I could keep and not make ones that, even if its something I want to happen (like travel to Europe), I knew for sure I could most likely keep.Read More »

2015: A Year in Review

2015 was a pretty big year for my hubby and I, considering we experienced one of the biggest days of our lives.  There was so many other things that also happened this year, I thought I’d share some of the noteworthy ones!

Here are some of the big events in my life, that happened this year, 2015!Read More »

Christmas Traditions

I love having traditions for all holidays but some of my favorite ones are at Christmas time.  I’m so excited to be starting some news ones and sharing some old ones of with my hubby this year!  What are your Christmas traditions?  I’d love to hear them!Read More »

Make MONEY while shopping online!


Ebates!  You heard me Ebates!  Ebates is a website that you can sign up for that will pay you for shopping at your favorite online retailers.  If you have an email, you can sign up for Ebates with just a couple strokes of the keyboard.Read More »

Fresh Start


Welcome to my blog and my first post!  Well I guess not technically my first, since I had a blog before this one but I never really used it and so I decided tot start fresh.  I started C2: Creatively Courtney as a way to express myself in a different media than I have before.  I am hoping that this can become something were I can share with family, friends, and anyone else, what I am up to a little more in depth than a status update or Instagram photo.Read More »