Must See Broadway Shows Before You Die

Within my short 26 (almost 27) years I have seen many Broadway shows.  I am lucky to live in a town that is close to two theatre’s that bring in multiple Broadways shows every year and a family that enjoys going to see them.  I’ve also had the pleasure to visit New York City twice and see 11 shows while I was there.  Below are some of my favorite Broadway shows that I’ve seen so far and would highly recommend going to see if you have the chance.  I promise you won’t be sorry you did!Read More »


Theatre Withdrawal

This past Sunday, Valentines Day, marked the end of the show I’ve been involved in for the past month or so, The Mouse that Roared.  We had a great crowd for our last show and it went well for the most part. (What live performance doesn’t have its hiccups.)  After the show was done, we took down the set and then had our cast party where we laughed and reminisced about the production we had just finished and just hung out.  It was a great time and these shared moments will always be remembered and cherished.Read More »

Adventures of a First Time Director: Thank You


Its been a little over a week since we closed our production of Miracle on 34th Street: The Play.  I can’t believe that Emily and I were so blessed to have such an amazing cast for our first time at this directing thing.  They all worked so hard to give us and everyone that was able to come see our show, the best show that they could possibly put on.Read More »

The Adventures of a First Time Director: Set Building

Building a set for a play can seem like a daunting  task but if you know what you are doing or have someone that has built a couple sets before it can be a breezy.Read More »

Adventures of a First Time Director: Break-a-Leg

Wow, I can’t believe the night is finally here!  Tonight is opening night for my show “Miracle on 34th Street: The Play” and boy am I ready for it to be here.  It has been a crazy ride, being a first time director, with it’s ups and downs but it’s time that we finally are able to show everyone all the hard work the cast, crew, and Emily and I, have been putting into our show.Read More »

The Adventures of a First Time Director: Halfway There

Wow, I can’t believe that our show is only one month away from opening week!  It’s so crazy to think that soon everyone will be seeing all the hard work that the cast and Emily and I, have been putting into our show.  As excited I am for everyone to see what I’ve been working on the past couple of months, at the same time I’m nervous. Read More »

The Adventures of a First Time Director: Blocking


What to say about blocking?!  It’s a lot harder than I would have thought, doesn’t always turn out the way you want, and sometimes looks like a crazy mess.   When I started to thinking about blocking Miracle on 34th Street: The Play, my mind would wonder onto something else and avoid it as much as possible.  Every time I thought about doing it, I would get nervous and scared.Read More »

A Must Read Book for ALL Directors

Notes on Directing

I have officially started directing my first show!  To help prepare me for my directing debut, my dad gave me a book to read called Notes on Directing.  Now this book isn’t very long, so its a pretty easy read but basically it is a bunch of different short paragraphs about a various of topics that every director will need to know about.  Read More »

The Adventures of a First Time Director: Auditions

The directors (US) on the first night of auditions!

Wow what a crazy blur the past couple of days have been.  This week my co-director, Emily, (of THOROUGHLYEMILY) and I started on our adventure of being first time directors.  We couldn’t have asked for a better introduction into the directing world than we got.  All of our hard work promoting our auditions for the past couple of weeks paid off and we had a total of 46 adults and children tryout for our show, Miracle on 34th Street: The Play.  We were both so blown away having so many amazing people tryout for us and are so blessed that they took a chance on us newbie directors.Read More »